Travel Guide

Rainbow Mountain in April has better weather to offer and better days are coming soon. The days of snowfalls and heavy rains have already passed, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any bad days, remember the weather is unpredictable in the heights. Overall this month is good because as mentioned there is a high possibility of having good weather, then the number of visitors will remain low. These aspects end up being the key to great views of the mountain, and what better experience if the sun shines over the Rainbow Mountain? Other times the beginning of the hike is disappointing due to white layers of snow, but it turns to glorious sunshine by the end of the hike. It is like looking out across a dream landscape in a remote destination.

When is the best time of the day to visit Rainbow Mountain in April?

The best time to visit Rainbow Mountain in April is from 6 am to 9 am because there will be very few people at the viewpoint so you will have pictures without anyone behind you. Also after 1 pm is a good time too, because the majority of people who visit Rainbow Mountain already left and you will enjoy the Mountain much better in solitude.

Things to know

  • The temperature in Rainbow Mountain fluctuates high 23°C (73°F) low as 1°C (33°F)
  • The temperature behaves gently, not too cold or hot.
  • April is the end of the wet season and the beginning of the dry season.
  • In April, Rainbow Mountain is not as busy as in the main peak season of June through August.
  • If Holy week falls in April, Rainbow Mountain will be crowded Because South Americans and Peruvians take extended vacations during the holy week.
  • April in Cusco region is the shoulder season, bringing nice weather and a few rainy days,
  • If you are searching for both fewer crowds and nice weather in Rainbow Mountain, April is your month.
  • April is one of the best months of the year for plant lovers when the flora is at its absolute best after the wet season.
  • At Rainbow Mountain, Crowds begin increasing from April onwards.
  • Rain: It rains 8 days of the month on average.


  • See the neighboring Ausangate Mountain, a massive and the highest mountain in Cusco. There is the chance to see it without clouds covering it.
  • Experience a less crowded Rainbow mountain lookout.
  • Plants still remain green just before the freeze.
  • Arrive in Rainbow Mountain on a beautiful sunny day.
  • See the various species of butterflies better than in other months.
  • Dry and safe Trail to hike Rainbow Mountain.


  • Expect some rain drizzles, but as this is out of season, it won’t take long as in previous months. Even if you are not bringing a poncho and get wet, you can get dry with your clothes on. But it is not saying don’t pack a raincoat; please bring one.
  • By the end of April, you will feel the freezing mountain temperature, and you will notice it once you get out of the van. It makes your teeth chatter.
  • Clouds can rise from the bottom of the valleys early in the morning, and it can hide the views for more than one hour. After that, this is going to vanish.
  • Expect a lot of people during the eastern celebrations in Rainbow Mountain.


  • If you are thinking to hike Rainbow Mountain in April, we recommend you for late April because there is less chance to get rain.
  • The weather is quite variable, so be sure to bring a rain cover, also hiking shoes with a good grip, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
  • Don´t walk on the edges of the trail in the slope section; the soil is still soft that can lead you down as you have a nasty fall.
  • Check the weather the previous day of hiking up Rainbow Mountain.
  • Bring thick socks and your gloves as there is a cold temperature up in the mountain.